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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello. this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, syria's government says it will attend talks to end the war but laid out clear conditions about what its willing to talk about. >> i know it's not did. >> another donald trump rally threatens to turn violent. worth korea threatens to retaliate as south korea holds it's biggest military drill yet. >> walking 4 hours for water
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where severe drought is putting lives in danger. >> hello, everyone. all of the sport for you including pakistan's ticket. tight security aeof the world 20. underway. indirect talks to end the war in syria are due to get underway in geneva on monday. syria's foreign minister has con firmed his government will take part, but the removal of the bashar al-assad is not up for discussion. that's been rejected by opposition members who are now in geneva. they say president assad must step down no matter what. diplomatic editor james bay has the latest from geneva. >> both main sides now say they are coming to geneva for the talks, the confirmation from the government coming from the deputy prime minister and
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foreign minister at a news conference in damascus but he made it clear the role of president assad was not up for discussion. >> we are adamant on holding the integrity and so fvereignty of syria as one state. at least this is what has been reiterated by the enter the national documents released including those released in attempt to resolve the situation in syria. >> those comments have angered the opposition, the u.n. have always made it clear that there should be no preconditions for these talks. the u.n. special envoy, stefan dimisura says that he hopes to get to the substantive issues on day 1. >> to be concrete, we can say when we started talks in earnest, substantive talks on the 14th, we will have some
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prepatory meeting. before that, we will be able to at least tell everyone this is happening, therefore, one is not enough and we feed to push further. and, two, now we can concentrate on the real agenda. what is it? the political process. what is that? well, it is a new goverance. that's a very carefully chosen word in vienna to include something completely different in terms of what we are having at the moment. second, a new constitution not e old approach and, three, new elections. well u.n. supervision. >> the stage is set for an important day on monday. the first day of this wrong of talks and they are going to discuss the crunch issues, future governance of syria.
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>> a member of the coalition says no one be getting ahead he of themselves the geneva prossays calling for a transition of power to a transition of governing. this is going to organize and arrange for a new constitution and elections after 18 months where we can establish a cease-fire and establish, also, the syrian people, most refugees, they can come back and stabilization of the situation underground. it's premature to talk about elections. what we should talk about now, transfer 4 a governing body that would be at least on this negotiation and this will organize elections supposedly after 18 months. >> meanwhile, on the ground in syria, government forces have attacked daria city, trying to advance under areas under opposition control. there are reports of violence between the army and the syrian
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opposition. the syrian observatory for human rights says government planes have hit areas in hama providence. posted on a social media site is said to show the aftermath. syrian rebels say they have shot down a government jet. now, to lebanon where the government has put forward a temporary solution to the eight-month long rubbish problem. protesters accuse corrupt politicians of being responsible for the piles of trash which have accumulated across the countritries since a landfill closed in july. now, the government says it will set up three new landfills to deal with the problem. more from beirut. >> since lebanon's garge crisis began overflowing eight months ago when the country's main landfall reached capacity, thousands of leb an ease have taken to the streets of the capitol, beirut, to express
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anger at the government's failure in solving this crisis. but again, here we are eight months later, and no meaningful solution and the people here are saying not only do they want the garbage to be thrown out. they also want the government to be thrown out, too. >> it's a bit absurd. really responding. >> at least respect us as people. we have been dealing with this for eight months, dealing with all of this garbage. i cannot understand how much it can be. as such, they don't even care about our health. >> protests have been largely but that hasn't been the case in the past. in fact, at a previous so-called protest rally, protesters clash with leb an ease state security. you can cease there a heavy police presence here in those
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past protests. we saw police using tear gas and other methods to disperse the crowd which resulted in a number of injuries. >> the people we have been speaking to say they are determined to keep their protests going until there is a solution to this crisis and as they have been telling us that all they've received so far from their government is promises. >> the 6-year-old sister of a boy who was killed in an israeli airstrike in gaza has now also died from her injuries. she died in hospital after her home was hit by slapnal from a strike on a hamas based on saturday. her 10-year-olds brother was died in the blast. he comes off -- it comes after several rockets were fired into israel on friday night. the children's brother described the moment the happennal hit. >> what happened was we were sleeping in our house, and suddenly there was a strike. the roof fell on us. my brother was winded, and -
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-- wounded and he died. may god have mercy on him. we called the ambulance and it arrived after two hours, after we had already taken him to the hospital in a car. >> another rally by republican presidential hopeful donald trump was sdrutd briefly on saturday less than 24 hours after an event in chicago had to be cab said. alan fisher has the latest on an increasingly chaotic campaign. >> back on the campaign trail towards the end of an event a moment of concern for the republican frontrunner. it appears someone tried to get on stage. donald trump, quickly surrounded by secret service. >> thank you for the warning. i was ready for them, but it's much easier if it comes to it. >> this coming hours after anent chicago was cancelled. >> tonight's rally will be postponed. >> after hundreds got into the hall. people began to file out. several fights broke out.
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police cleared the hall. there was violence outside with five people arrested and two police officers injured. trump insists he doesn't need to change his tone. >> mr. trump should get up and, this morning, tell his people to be nice. my people are nice, folks. >> but his republican rivals condemning the violence says trump was not blameless. >> political discourse should occur in this country without a threat of violence, without anger and rage and hatred directed at each other. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment and the toxic environment has allowed his porte supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence. there is no place for this. >> just this week, a protester who was being led from an event in north carolina was punched in the face. the 78-year-old attacker has now been charged with assault told u.s. t.v. show inside edition he was unrepent event.
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>> the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> there are many who believe believe trump has incurred sump behavioral behavioral. >> i would like to punch him in the face,. i tell you. i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? he would be carried out on a stretcher. >> knock the hell. i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. >> trump's campaign manager is facing allegations of roughing up a reporter. ordinary candidates in previous elections, all of this would be a problem. >> we are going to win. >> donald trump is the only candidate. >> more to come for you on the news hour. meet the teenagers from afghanistan who say their dreams of a better life in europe have turned in to a nightmare. we visit the turkish border time
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nominated for a noble peace price after opening doors to syrians. in sports, spanish league leaders, barcelona look to extends their unbeaten run to 37 matches. refuge refugees. staged another sit-down protest. there are at least 12,000 refugees now stranded. 30,000 others are stuck in transit in grease. authorities say by next week, they hope to have billed housing for 50,000 people. >> please, i beg you. have mercy on women and children. we don't want to eat. we don't want to drink. we don't want anything but we want to fill humanity, like human beings. for god's sake
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>> we feel to feel like. >> the greek minister in charge of refugees says he will try to convince residents of the camp to move to purposeville reception center. the greek army set up this camp from the border, housing 3,000 refugees with access to 24 hour medical care. this comes as two cases of hepatitis a have been diagnosed there, including a 9-year-old syrian girl. the virus is transmitted through contemnated water or direct contact with an infected person. refugees from afghanistan are among the hundreds of thousands trying to get to europe in search of a better life. the orphan children among them, the journey and risk of being deported can bemash terrifying. some of them met in macedonia. it's a moment of respitee pite in a life filled well hard shim, loneliness.
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teenagers who dare to dream about a fresh start, far away in europe. city with his parents, smuggled his way to the shores of greece. >> the simultaneouslers ordered me to bury my hands in the snow for five hours. i was taken away. i don't know how to find them afghans are no longer welcome on the balkan route. 16-year-old yesin is in this same situation. he is an orphan who first worked in iran as a janitor. american trying to deport me. i want to be in a place where there are no weapons. i saved the money for smugglers and borrowed money from my friends and now i am so sad to be stuck here. >> along the way, he became friends with a friend, they
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sneak across borders and slept along the way, picking up clothes left by other refugees and hoping to go undetected. some of their friends didn't make it. >> there were two other te teenagers the smuggers wanted more money. they removed their money. they still did not have enough. they were kidnapped and taken away. i don't know where they are. >> the camp en massedonia is teaming with unaccompanied children. many say there are 18 fearing they could end up in a shelter for minors. others claim they are traveling with relatives. they go unaccounted for and unprotected. >> every day, there is an account of how many refugees. because despite the border being closed and heavily secured, people here want to, to reach their destination. so some take theiring their chance at cross the border line.
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theme is overwhelmed by a sense of loss. at 17, he has little to live for. >> if they don't open the border, i will kill myself. if i have to go back to afghanistan, i will die there. so i might as well end it here. >> europe is crumbling under the endless flow of refugees, but the lonely children have been abandoned by everyone. the border closures only increasing the vulnerability and the very real risk of them ending in the wrong hands. al jazeera along the balkan route. the ref uming e creases is a major issue in regional elections to be held in germany on sunday. chancellor angela merkel has led a final campaign rally as three german states will be elect agnew parliament.
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the influx of refugees has led to a surge in popularity of right-wing parties. a report from berlin. >> this is washington in central berlin where people have come for a demonstration from the right-wing against angela merkel. it's a cenks for the chancellor to leave her position. the view people have here is dominated, created perhaps by the asylum policy. i have been speaking to some of the demonstrators who have come here today. they told me that they believe the refugee policy is a policy of the coalition government in germany, the wrong policy. >> i am critical of their going it alone. they are ignoring all of the other people whether it is on their own population or the european countries who have found now a different way of thinking about this. >> coming through to the other side where a demonstration is
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being held by the supporters of the left wing by trade unionists. here, people are pro-ref uming e, pro-the policy and i have be speaking to a few people who told me they are concerned about shifts. they fear germany may be making. >> i believe germany is undergoing political change because it is becoming more nationalist. something i thought we had overcome. it is directed at people from other countries. i think this is really difficult. it is about time that we contain it again the issue of how germany deals with the asylum seekers, refugees it has enencouraged to come to this country has become a dominant factor in german politics in 2016. we will know how the voters feel about this situation in three key states after the elections to state parlorpals on sunday.
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>> the first convoy carrying medical supplies has entered taiz in yemen after government forces recaptured parts of the city. united nations say the houthis who have had the city under siege for almost a year have been obstructing humanitarian supplies to the areas. taiz lies south of the capitol. taking control of key areas in the south and we have of the city with the backing of soud e-led airstrikes. >> reporter: troops loyal to president hadi break through houthi lines in taiz partially breaking a siege on yemen's third largest city. they can now send humanitarian aid and weapons from the southern port city of aden. for the government, the latest gain is a push to capture sanaa. >> the siege of taiz was broken.
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this is a big issue. the wheels have started to roll. it might seem slow, but efforts are huge. >> the fight to control taiz is far from over. these are houthi fighters trying to hold ground in the area, the strong hold in eastern taiz. despite heavy fighting and gains made by government forces, the houthis remain defiant. >> the invadeers will be defeated. we will destroy them. we will win the fit. >> reporter: this is a funeral of houthi fighters killed trying to defend taiz. the houthis were hoping to expand their presence in yemen and consolidate their grip on power. these are houthi fighters trying
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to repel a government offensive in the oil and gas rich province. >> pro-houthi fighters are trying to break down strongholds in the east and the south. >> for deck aids, war has posed the greatest threat to the people of afghanistan but a growing number of afghans are now facing a new danger a report from a region of the country where severe drought is threatening people's lives. >> twice a day, sixty-year-old tena labors through the bearen lands of western afghanistan to fetch drinking water. four kilometers to get there there, four kilometers to come back. once in the morning, again in the afternoon 16 kimometers in four hours of walking every day. >> we are suffering because of
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water. years of drought have depleted nearby river drying up 60% of the farmlands maleaving many joblets. decades of war have delayed construction of water storage facilities. this grilling journey is the only way to reach hand-dug water holes. >> if we don't do this, my family goes thirsty. there is no water for 50 kilometers. the u.n. says rural asia in africa women and children walk an avenue of six kilometers a day for water, a chore that often robs children of an education and puts them in
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danger villagesers say their trek for water turned deadly. on several occasions when young boys went to get water, they were shot and killed by iranian border guards. villagers say it was the border guard's way of sending a message? >> my son had one wound on his rift, one on his chest and side. when i saw his bloody clothes i blacked out. >> an republicanian government official denied the allegation. local afghan officials say some victims could have been smugglers. reports of tension persist as iran, too, faces a water crisis. fasli sits on a committee that the manages the reachon's water supply. he says plans to address the crisis exist but have been delayed by water and a lack of funding. >> we are aware of the problem. we plan to dress it. >> for millions in drought stricken areas
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>> a gruelling journey for water remains a necessity. al jazeera, iraq afghanistan. north korea says its military is ready for a pre-emptive attack against the south. south korea and australia and new zealand. the drills have been described as the longest ever. rob mcbride has more. >> reporter: thing come at a time of increased tensions on the korean peninsula. in response to the drills, north korea threatened preeltive strikes while it's leader was shown on state run media inspecting missile tests.
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far from provoking north korea says the u.s. military, this show of force ensures stability. >> at the ends of the day, we sincere lee believe in peace through strength. we believe that we can deter and avoid war. >> north korea claimed the exercises are a prelude to war allowing south korea and its al irningdz to build up forces ahead of an invasion. that's always denied but the u.s. contingent this year is the largest ever, doing little to ease the fears of the north. >> out at sea, a short right offshore by military aircraft, some of the vessels assembled for these war games like this assault ship carrying up to 3 l,000 sailors and marines when prepared for conflict. the commander of this force insists these exercises have been planned for well over a year. >> not in response to anything
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that nor korea is doing. but we think it's imports to show the commitment to the alliance and our ness. >> getting ready for whatever or whatever the next crisis will be. rob mcbride al jazeera. >> fijumori is the current leader in the race but a lot want her out of the election. she is the daughter of a disgraced former president and has been accused of handing out bribes. rob mathson reports. >> guilty, they chant, thousands demanding that she withdraws from peru's presidential election. she is the frontrunner but some say she shared the same hard line views as her father. >> she was complicit in which women were sterilized and
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corruption crimes were committed in our country. >> her father protesters say his daughter still follows his orders. a high opinionstruction vote, the same people who governed in the '90s, want to return to power today. >> moderate economists have been block from running. he says he can't stant because of a technicality. fujimo are. i is faces accusations that she handed out money and gifts to supporters. which she denies. >> fujimori said to have this
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election on april the 10th. these protesters say they are determined computer beats human, whying it could be a landmark moment for artificial intelligence. we will bring that you story, also telling you why people in nigeria are ache reabout a rise in their power bills. positive on do iing for a certain substance, there should be a certain kind of consequences for that. >> djokovic weighs in on sharip on. have a's drug failure. the world number one in support.
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>> pushing the boundaries of science. >> we are on the tipping point. >> we can save species. >> it's the biggest question out there. >> it's a revolutionary approach. >> we are pushing the boundaries. >> techknow is going to blow your mind. >> our experts go inside the innovations, impacting you. >> this is the first time anybody's done this. >> i really feel my life changing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. welcome back. both syria's government and opposition leaders say they will join talks in geneva aimed at halting the war. another rally by republicans presidential hopeful donald
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trump has been disrupted by protests. it comes after clashes between demonstrators and supporters on friday. thousands of people have taken part in anti-rubbish protests in beirut. the government promised to create landfill sites there. now, the town of killes has been nominated for the noble peace price. there are now more syrian refugees living there than local residents. the ruling party put in the bid that sez florence loi sent us it report. >> inside syria, glinting in the sun, just a few kilometers to the north, the turkish town that serves as an example of what can be done to help outside syria if the will is there. 90,000 to live here. they have been joined by 120,000
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syrians. turkek has fluid to turn its back on. society up businesses to work together with their hosts. >> just outside the center, these women were making firewood with their children. they have been here for four years. not an easy life but said this woman, they have been welcomed. she said she had no intention of attempting the journey across turkey and into greece. that's likely to be because killis has opened front doors to syrians. so, it has been nominated for the noble peace price for all of this. they believe their efforts are so deserving, they invited the european there, germany's angela americaeel to visit. it's bece standard for european comments it's aors to write them off for lack of press freedoms, alleged you rights violations and the contrastn and the chaos of the mean union couldn't really be any greater. frankly, it's quite hard to
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think of a single european town or city that could be nominated for the noble peaceprice prize the way killis has been. >> so what then do the authorities say to a europe of increasingly closed borders? >> today, it hosts more syrians than its own population. they shared their city, their street and their air with syrians. we believe that the example should be recognized by the eu and all countries in the united nations huge resentsments. european complaints about humanrights may turkey have a very odd ring to them here. lawrence lee, axis. >> italian police say an avalanche in the alps killed six skiers. they died. the victims were part of a group climbing the mountains 3,300
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peak to ski down from there. the high altitude and rescue efforts were hampered. helicoptered had to 3 with little fuel or equipment to safely reach the site. brazilian president's main collision partner served notice it could break from the embattled ruling party within a month. there have been growing calls for the break-up of the ruling coalition as they face a de deepening battle against impeachment. al jazeera has more from sao paulo. >> the pndb, the largest political party, is calling for a change. its actually part of the ruling coalition under president del maruseff. they are saying they lost all confidence in the ability to lead and get the country out of the deep recession its in. this comes off of the back of numerous corruption allegations against allics of the russ revere russeff. the former president who was
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loved and respected in brazil. he has been formally charge did by state prosecutors. members met on saturday and have decided to make greece be a little more independent from the ruling coalition, a little more independent from the worker's par party. they are not entirely breaking away from the ruling coalition just yet, though. they are giving themselves 30 days to make that final decision. now, the leader is currently the vice president so should president youssef be impeached, he will they will then become president. what they are waiting for is sunday. there are meant to be large anti-government demonstrations all across brazil. they want to see just how many people turn out for that. >> now, in venzuela, hundreds of oppositions have held a mass rally in carracus to out president nicholas maduro.
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his opponents want to force him from. his popularity has fallen because of the prolonged economic crisis. shortage of basic goods and high food prices. venzuela is deeply divided between supporters of the madura's socialist government and hose would oppose it. in december, they won legislative e les for the first time in 17 years. since then, the supreme court which dominated by judges nominated by maduro's government has reduced the assembly's powers, curbing its efforts to change laws. that's why the opposition announced this week that it would take all constitna maduro. that includes calling a refer endsum, demanding a constitution and a mass protest. they insisted it should deal with the economic crisis route now and accused the opposition of putting political interests first. >> if they do that in the middle of an economic crisis, what can
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we expect from these people? nothing. nothing good. we can expect the worst but what is most important is that we are here to work undisturbed with the great objective for an economic recovery. from there, they will not get rid of me, nor should they get rid of anyone. the economic recovery, we have to see the emergency as opportunity. >> i am joined by francisco domingas, the head of the center for brazilian latin american studies from middlesex. the opposition were out in protest on saturday. how much support do they have among the venzuelas in their campaign to oust the president? >> we don't really know request p they won the election by a majority. but when it comes, they want the village. the contest, for the economic it
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was never during the leak toral campaign to ask the government. it isn't clear whether there will be able to organize the population on the same level for the national assembly. the reason we say that, today, the demonstration, the government demonstration is significantly smaller. is we have to wait and see if they are able to win a majority in the overall referendum. which they say they are going to go. >> why does it prove difficult for them to mobilized people when there is a great deal of disconte discontent, the economy is in crisis and people are also very angry about corruption? >> in the last presidential election, elected, the opposition won 7.4 million votes, around 4 years the government has been facing.
4:39 pm
the decision won 7 million. maduro won the election with 7.6 million. spraefshling, he recalls. thinking to have the same number of votes or higher and they know this is going to be difficult given that ask it was not a mandate. >> they are trying different strategies. one is the protest that has failed to get a lot of support. they have control of the asem i assembly for the first time in 17 years. at the same time, president maduro has been trying to reduce the powers of that assembly. >> they are not being reduced. >> he is trying to through the
4:40 pm
supreme court. >> it's been very clear up to now. just about any legislation sometimes fall outside the competition. they can actually get they can do things, provide it, and 2, that they may be. >> could it be protests possibly turn violent at some point? we have seen that they have been largely peaceful but two years ago, they did manage to get a lot of people out on e streets. could we see the same sort of this inc. again? >> office if if happens, it could be damaging to the opposition. by february, july, the number of
4:41 pm
people who are bothna, you know, in the regional 88% and the 90% and they were these people who were organizing the secretary of the coalition position told them, we don't want anybody throwing stones. we don't want anybody using violence. nice to get your analysis. >> my pleasure. >> now, one of the world's top human players of the complex board game "go" has been defeated 3-nil by a computer program. the alva go computer has an unasalable lead.
4:42 pm
>> if i can live there? >> okay. okay. >> wow. >> the amazement of the comment ators was obvious. the sdmreech of the human champion equally clear. mr. lien is considered one of the game's greatest modern players. he went in to this 5-game series supremely confident. he didn't win a single match. even alpha go's creators were amazed by results. >> to be honest, we are a bit stunned and speechless. an incredible fight again. alpha go made a large territory at the bottom of the board. mr. lee found some really amazing tactics to play in the territory and create a huge fight. >> go is an ancients chinese game for two players who take turns placing black and white stones on a 19 by 19 grid. players win by surrounding their
4:43 pm
opponents' pieces. it sounds simple. a go player typically has a choice of 200 moves compared with around 20 moves in ches and intuition is as imports as memory which makes it the mount he haverest. it uses two sets of deep neural networks that allow it to punch data in a more human like fashion. it learns and improves from every game it plays. last october, alva go beat the european champion 5-nil. this latest victory sets a new benchmark. defeated champion tried to put a brave face on it with a reassuring word for the rest of the human race. >> alpha go exhibited some weaknesses so i doubt whether the skills can actually deliver a wider message to humans. >> with the final two games of the series still to be played,
4:44 pm
alpha go is only going get better and cleverer. paul brennan, argues. >> joining me now viea scalp from glass go in scotland is the computer scientist, snoel shockey. how is it that a computer program is top ranked, some would sait, beating a ledge ends area go player? >> this is stunning. i am sitting here smiling because it's such a fantastic win. everything thought this was at least decades away. it's this kind of learning machine, unquestionably the best neural network learning team in the world. so there is another milestone. it's not just a milestone. we have had critics ever since the beginning of ai, people have said wouldn't be able to play nuts and crosses and couldn't play drafts. everybody said it will never be able to beat a grand master at ches. eventually we beat the world
4:45 pm
champion at ches. this is the holy grail of games, the hardest, most complex game in the world. there is no where else to go from here. >> so in some ways, this is kind of a peek in the development of artificial intelligence. how would you describe alpha go's actual performance what sort of approach did the computer program take for the game? and how much of a struggle was it for the human opponent? >> the approaches for being able to do the game was machines have got really, really fast over the last -- since the ches playing game. so high-speed machines with a lot of memory. they took 13 billion expert positions that have been recorded. 13 million. and they trained the computer on those 13 million expert positions and then what they did was they generated lots of random games and got the
4:46 pm
computer to play itself using something called reinforcement learning so there are computers learning all the time every time it wins a game, it gives itself points and goes on like that. how it did it is a mystery a normal a.m. game, you work out the rules. you worked out the rules. it's transparent how it did it. this has lootsdz of notes in there, link, mathematical wins. those are changing all the time as it is learning. >> how did that compare to the human mind? i know that there isn't just, you know, that's not a singular thing because everybody is different but how important is that, that this computer program is not just learning and playing within the rules of the game. it's actually applying ingenuity
4:47 pm
and learning from mistakes. let me put some cold water on that. as i said, i am blown away by the great achievement but relating it to the human mind is another thing. this is a closed system. this game has a sense of rules. in the real world, there aren't clear rules like that, clear systems. this doesn't mean art official intelligence has gotten smarter than humans at all. this game didn't care if it won, lost, or if the opponent had shown up and couldn't make you a cup of tea at the ends of the game. it's good at .1 single thing: it's a very singular machine doing a very singular job in an incredibly good way. >> what does it mean for us? >> on a practical level, i would
4:48 pm
be concerned. artificial infell sequence is taking over so many jobs. wall street, 50 jobs have been lost in the last couple of years. there were 150,000 tradeers. now, there are just 100. that's what i mean by al gorithims are getting very good at these very specific things like trading. machines are getting good a lot doing things like making food very quickly and sebbing it so also biggest problem will be job losses. people say things like often will say things like, this is great. humans will be able to lie around and do nothing. who is going to pay them to do that? ty points in time, maybe 10, 15 years time it will come where we are going to have to think hard about what sorts of controls we are going to cede to these machines and a redistribution of wealth. >> interesting. life might be getting easier as a result but perhaps even fewer
4:49 pm
job going to be around. >> yes >> thank you so much, noel sharkey i hope we get to talk to you again joining us from glass gow. >> water levels in the nile have fallen to unusual low levels. he job description immediate were reports some small islands have come to the surface in parts of cairo. the irrigation ministry says the drop was expected and is due to the seasonal irrigation schedule. a similar situation in mexico where a 16th search has reserviced because of a severe drought there. it was flooded along with the town in 1962. did has and three times when water levels drop. no rain so far this year. more to come for you shortly. england looked to avenge last year's world cup defeat against wales as the two teams face each
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other. >> wage back. >> first pakistan arrived in india amid tight security ahead of the world p20 vs. landing at cal cuta on saturday, the team given permission to travel on friday after the game was given assurance regarding team safety. it was due to be played in the
4:52 pm
northern city switched to calcutta following security concerns. qualified for the mainly competition, they earned a third appearance in zimbabwe. a straight shootout between the top two sides for the super 10 stage. afghanistan 186-6. the team falling 59 runs short. afghanistan with an extended stay in india. scotland e a victory ahead of 21 matches the devised target. scott's eight wicket winners on the score sheet as barcelona made 57 games unbeaten.
4:53 pm
world player of the year sporting one mama netted as a defending champion. second place athletico were winners they beat giving team a 3-nil win baskets loan a now eight points clear at the top of the spanish la liga table. real madrid close up the top 4 both play on sunday. beating chelsea 2-nil at goodison park. both goals from a former chelsea
4:54 pm
player. to the i need of the massachusetts match. three premier league games. pel grin e he isman they play on monday. they couldn't find a way past the nor iven defense. the top. you drop points. it can't be more difficult past that. change my mind. it's an important thing now, a champ pinl league game to try to qualify for the next stage. three points at the end of the
4:55 pm
season, we will see the position. arsenal, a third. 9 points lester city. two other results on saturday. swans heee and south hampton. newcastle and united unveiled ralph benitez, 10 games remaining the spaniard has been out of work since being fired in january. >> if you think about games, the atmosphere. >> you have fantastic fans.
4:56 pm
trying to do things in a way everybody would be proud of. >> england got some reffeng for last year's world cup defeat. six makes at twikkenem, chelsea unbeaten ireland 58 to fine winners. italy. maria sharavapova said a drug she was taking was to be added. on monday, she failed the drugs test at the australian open. th the best player in the men's game has given his thoughts on the case. >> she has approached this very maturely. so, i really admire that. on the other hand from the different perspective, i talk as
4:57 pm
somebody that is involved so many years and believe in being clean and fair sport. sentially if there was a mistake and if she was positive for a certain substance, there should be a certain kind of sequences. >> take you back to mariam and the rest of the "newshour". >> thank you, robin. video emerged of a base jump on saturday from the skyscraper that houses our studio. it's believed the unidentified jumper allowed safely on a busy street and then ran off. no one knows who the man is or why he did it. but people hanging around were pretty surprised to see him do that he hopped on the tube afterwards. it won't be how i am getting down from the building. back in a few moments time you.
4:58 pm
stay with us. >> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
4:59 pm
>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
5:00 pm
>> syria's government says it will attends talks to end the war but laid out clear conditions about what it's willing to talk about. hello. i am mariam watching axis live from london. also coming up. >> another donald trump rally threatens to turn violent. north korea threatens to retaliate. as south korea holds the biggest military drill yet with the u.s. walking for hours for water. a report from heratt


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